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The Virginia AHEC Program is funded by a federal grant to Virginia Commonwealth University (see What is an AHEC?). No less than 75% of that annual grant is required to be distributed to the community AHEC centers sponsored by the program. Currently that translates to about $69,000 per year. Those funds must be matched dollar for dollar from non-federal sources. A Virginia state appropriation of $37,500, helps but does not fully satisfy that obligation. Currently RAHECís largest source of funding is federal grants other than the AHEC award. RAHECís annual budget is in the $350,000 range and is generated by between 10 and 20 funding sources annually.

Each year the Virginia AHEC program reports to the Virginia General Assembly regarding how state dollars were leveraged. Download the 2006 non-state funding report. The state appropriation is only 15% of the revenue raised by the statewide AHEC program and only 12% of that generated by RAHEC. It remains a RAHEC goal that the state appropriation match the federal AHEC award relieving other funding sources from the obligation to perform as match.

Other revenue sources for Rappahannock AHEC have included grants and contracts with the Virginia Department of Health, awards from the federal Office of Rural Health Policy and the Department of Labor, and private grants from organizations including the Mary Washington Hospital Foundation, the Riverside Foundation, and the Susan G. Komen Foundation.